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Eii Insurance

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 Eii can customize quotes to fit your groups Needs. Quotes can be altered and adjusted to show different carriers and plan types.

After a carrier is chosen - a folder can be set up for eligible employees to be granted access to where they can get your group's insurance info and enrollment forms. 
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Click her for a sample of an Eii Quote - we can make one like this for your group.
Click here to see a folder set up for employees to view groups insurance and enrollment form.  Eii can build a folder for your group like this so employees can have 24/7 access to insurance info.We offer an agency-managed HR and Benefits solution! Click here to see what an Employee Onboarding page looks like. Ask us more about this.
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Our Job is About You

Eii has strong experience in providing companies and small businesses with creative solutions for group health insurance. Clients get Eii Insurance working for them by completing a simple questionnaire that asks for details regarding employees, current insurance billings, and coverage. Armed with this information, our team of small group health insurance experts analyze the needs of the business and shop the market for the best combination of small group coverage and cost. By contacting several companies, we create a competitive environment that benefits you, the client. We always work to find the best insurance solution for your employees no matter how small your business is, whether you have 10 or 30 employees. Call or email us today. We will be able to assist you and help answer any questions you may have.