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About Eii Insurance

Russ Dorfler, agent / owner:
Russ has been a licensed agent for 20+ years. He is an authorized representative of various insurance companies.

Eii's Committment to You:

The health insurance industry has gone through many changes in the last 25 years. Governmental changes and mandates have increased and redistributed premiums dramatically. Colorado House Bill 1210, 1355, 1311, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), have increased costs to consumers. Future Federal action may help or hurt the market further.

Employers face difficult decisions when choosing a plan that they and their employees can afford. A trend toward Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) plans and Health Savings Account (HSA) plans emerged within this past few years. Unlike PPO plans, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO's) are all inclusive; generally 100% of the claim is paid after a copayment for routine or urgent care services. Supplemental insurance plans help pick up hospital expenses that might not be covered by medical (or workers compensation) insurance. In turn, HMO plans are expected to make a strong return in the upcoming years as insurance carriers are forced to comply with the Federal rules of PPACA.

Our commitment to our clients is never ending. We know employees are confused about health care benefits and don't have the time to deal with escalated claim issues. We will assist your company when dealing with claims issues and questions; enrollments; concerns; administration; terminations and COBRA - as much you want us to be involved. We realized a long time ago, most insurance companies can be a pain in the neck. In our attempt to distinguish ourselves from other brokers, we make a constant effort to help you with any insurance problems. Believe it or not, we are on your side!